For Improved Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

Basic Principles of Food Combining

1. Fruits should be eaten by themselves, allow 30 min. before anything else.
2. Proteins and starches should not be eaten together as one meal.
3. Combine protein with vegetables or combine starch with vegetables.
4. Do not eat more than one protein food per meal.
5. Melons are best eaten as a separate meal from other fruit.

Many people consider food combining an extreme that is too difficult to follow, but before you “no way” try it out and see how good you feel. Enhanced digestion increases energy levels, and promotes health and vitality.

Food combining refers to the combination of foods which are compatible with each other in terms of digestive chemistry. It is a basic component to optimal nutrition because it allows the body to digest and utilize the nutrients in foods to their full extent.

Our modern culture has become conditioned to think more in terms of a balanced meal rather than a balanced diet. Most people eat foods from all the different food groups at each sitting; this is very taxing on the body and may be why there are so many Digestive diseases today – from stomach to colon.

For the best possible digestion and utilization of food, we need to observe certain rules in the way we combine foods within a meal. Protein foods require a highly acidic environment for digestion while carbohydrates (starches, sugars, and fruit) and fats require a more alkaline medium. Anytime two or more foods are eaten at the same time, that require opposite conditions for digestion, the digestive process is compromised. When proteins and starches are combined their stimulation to the digestive juices generates a conflictual response and produces a medium that does not digest either food very well. This situation often leads to indigestion, gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and poor absorption of nutrients. If carbohydrates are not digested they can ferment producing poisons such as carbon dioxide, acetic acid, lactic acid, and alcohol, and undigested proteins have been linked to auto-immune diseases and allergies.

Eating different food type combinations together is for the digestive system like trying to do two things at once. The human digestive system works best when meals are simple and combinations are minimal. By applying food combining principals you avoid the poisonous by-products of poor digestion. By selecting compatible food combinations the digestive task is lessened with allows more energy for other activities.

The discomforts of indigestion are so common in today’s world that it’s almost considered normal. The fact that millions of dollars are spent annually on antacids is proof of this. The incidence of various diseases of the digestive tract are increasing at an alarming rate. Rather than suffering or using drugs to suppress symptoms, wouldn’t it be wiser to remove the causes of the indigestion?


If you eat 3 times a day, defecate 3 times a day!


24 hr. Detox & Flush

Liver and Gallbladder Flush

10 oz Citrate of Magnesium
4 oz Cold Pressed Olive Oil
4 oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 tablespoon Agave
A few ice cubes
To be done in the evening before bed. Mix ingredients (EXCEPT the Citrate of Magnesium) and blend in a blender. Will taste like a citrus detox.
Drink slowly. Retire and sleep on your right side.
Upon awakening in the morning, drink the bottle of Citrate of Magnesium.
Around 1 pm you should start releasing green stones in various sizes in your stool.
*Recommended 2 days before and on the day of flush, drink 32 oz of unfiltered or fresh juiced apple juice throughout the day
*Refrain, if possible from eating flesh on these 3 days. Eat vegetables, salads and fruit.

Alkaline foods 80%

Pineapples, Potato(Sweet), Potatoes(Cooked, Raw), Pumpkin, Quinoa, Radish Sprouts, Raisins, Rhubarb,
Salt(Vegetable), Sapote, Sea salt, Seaweed, Sesame seeds(Raw), Snap beans, Soy Beans, Soy sauce, Squash, Sting beans, Strawberries, Tamarind, Tangerines, Taro, Tea(Lipton Lemon), Temph, Tofu, Tropical Fruits, Turnip Greens, Turnips, Vinegar(Brown rice), Wakame (kelp), Water Chestnuts, Watermelon, Whey (Cow’s Milk), Whey (Goat’s Milk), Yogurt(Plain).

Alkaline Foods 70%

Acidophilus Bacillium, Agar-Agar, Alfalfa Sprouts, Almond butter, Almonds, Amaranth, Apple cider, Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple Juice, Apples, Apricots, Artichokes, Asparagus, Baking Soda, Bamboo Shoots, Banana, Barley Greens, Beans(Green), Beans(Lima), Beans(Snap), Beet Greens, Beets, Bifidus Lacrosse Bacillus, Blackberries, Boysenberries, Brewer’s Yeast, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage (Red, Green), Cactus Leaf, Cactus(fruit), Cantaloupe, Carob, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard(Swiss), Cherries, Cherry Juice, Chestnuts, Chia seeds(Sprouted), Chicory, Cinnamon, Citron, Coconut, Coconut (Water, Milk), Collard Greens, Egg whites, Eggplant, Elderberry Tea, Endive, Essen bread, Fruit Punch, Garlic, Ginger , Gooseberries, Granola, Grapefruit, Grapes, Guava, Honey(Raw), Horseradish, Kale, Kelp, Ketchup, Kiwi, Kohlrabi, Kumquat, Leeks, Lemons, Lettuce, Lima Beans, Limes, Loganberries, Mangos, Margarine, Melons, Milk, Soy, Mineral Billion, Miso, Moss(Irish), Mushrooms, Mustard Greens, Navy Beans, Nectarines, Ocean Kelp, Oil(Vegetable), Okra, Olives(Ripe), Onions, Orange Juice, Oranges, Oyster Plant, Papaya, Paprika, Parsley, Parsnips, Peaches(Fresh), Pears(Fresh), Peas(Green), Pepper(Cayenne), Peppers(Various), Persimmons, Pickles(Dill), Pine nuts, Pineapple Juice

Acid Foods 20%

Adzuki Beans, Basmati Rice, Blackstrap Molasses, Bream, Candy, Cheese, Coconut Dried, Corn nuts, Cream, Garbanzo beans, Kidney beans, Mackerel, Molasses, Oats(Raw), Peanuts, Pistachios, Prunes, Quail, Scallops, Sugar, Tea(Black), Vinegar(White), Wheat Germ, Wheat Shredded, Bacon, Beans(dried), Blueberries, Brown rice, Carp, Chicken, Coffee, Cornmeal, Eggs, Gelatin, Lentils, Maple Syrup, Mung Beans, Oysters, Pecans, Popcorn, Puffed rice, Rice, Shredded Wheat, Sunflower seeds, Tuna, Walnuts,, Wheat Gluten, White Beans, Barbecue, Beef, Brazil nuts, Cutter, Cashews, Chicken soup, Cookies, Crabmeat, Filberts (hazelnuts), Goat, Macadamia nuts, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Pancakes, Pheasant, Pork, Puffed wheat, Rye, Shrimp, Syrups, Turkey. Wheat berries, Wheat processed, Yeast, Barley, Beer, Bread, Cane sugar, Caviar, Clams, Corn flakes, Cranberries, Fish, Honey/Processed, Macaroni, Milk(Cow’s), Oatmeal, Peanut butter, Pinto beans, Paestum, Pumpkin seeds, Salmon, Squid, Tapioca, Veal, Wheat bleached, Wheat puffed, Soy Beans.   EAT WITH: Green Vegetables


Non-Starch Green Vegetables *5 **Good

Artichoke, Asparagus, Bamboo Shoot, Bell Pepper, Beet Top, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Chive, Cilantro, Collard, Chard, Cucumber, Dandelion, Eggplant, Endive, Escarole, Garlic, Green Bean, Kale, Kolrabi, Leek, Lettuce, Mushroom, Okra, Onion, Parsley, Peas(fresh), Radish, Radiccio, Spinach, Sprouts, Squash (except Banana Hubbard), Swiss Chard, Turnip Top, Watercress, Zucchini

Eat With: Fat, Starch, Mild Starch, or (Choice of one) Protein Flesh, Protein Fat, Protein Starch or Raw Tomato, Lemon

Starch *5  **G/P

Bread, Cereal, Chestnut, Corn, Cracker, Grains, Jerusalem Artichoke, Lima Bean (Fresh), Pasta, Peanut(Raw), Popcorn, Potato, Pumpkin, Rice, Squash(Banana, Hubbard), Yam

Eat With: Fat(Non-Starch/Green), Vegetables

Mild Starch *5  **Good

Beet, Caladium Root, Carrot, Jicama, Parsnip, Rutabaga, Salsify, Turnip

Eat With: Non-Starch/Green Vegetables, Fat

Protein Flesh *12  Poor

Beef, Chicken, Duck, Egg, Fish, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit, Seafood, Turkey, Veal, Goose

Eat With: Non-Starch/Green Vegetables

Protein Fat *12  **G/P

Avocado, Cheese, Kefir Cheese, Nuts(except Chestnut Peanut; & Raw), Olives, Seeds, Sour Cream, Yogurt

Eat With: Fat, Non-Starch/Green Vegetables or Fruit, Acid(Maybe)



Proper Food Combining Chart cont…

Protein Starch  *12   Beans(Dry), Peas(dry)    **Poor Tofu, All Soy Products      Milk *12  **Poor  Eat Alone

Fruit, Sub-Acid  *2: Apple(Sweet), Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, Boysenberry, Cherry(Sweet), Elderberry, Fig (Fresh), Kiwi

**Good   Mulberry, Nectarine, Peach(Sweet), Pear, Plum, Pricky Pear, Quince, Raspberry

Fat *12 **Poor    Butter, Cream, Oil

EAT WITH: Starch, Non-Starch, Mild Starch or Protein Fat


Fruit, Sweet-Dried   *3  Apricot, Banana, Date, Fig, Pear       **Good   Pineapple, Prune, Raisin, Peach

Syrup, Sugar  *2  **Good: Brown Sugar, Carob, Honey, Malt, Maple Syrup, Molasses, White Sugar.  EAT ALONE

Fruit, Acid  *2: Acerola Cherry, Apricot(Sour), Cranberry, Currant, Gooseberry, Grapefruit, Grape(Sour), Kumquat, Lemon, Lime, Loganberry   EAT ALONE or maybe with Protein Fat; or maybe, Lemon and Tomato with Non-Starch/Green Vegetables.

**Good  Orange, Peach(Sour), Pineapple, Plum(Sour), Pomegranate, Strawberry, Tangelo, Tangerine, Tomato

Melon *2  **Good:  Cantaloupe, Casaba, Christmas, Crenshaw, Honeydew, Muskmelon, Nutmeg, Persian, Pie, Watermelon   EAT EACH MELON ALONE

Fruit, Sweet-Fresh: Banana, Black Currant, Date, Mango

*3   **Good: Persimmon, Thompson Grape, Papaya, Muscat

Fruit Juice same as fruit category. If diluted with water deduct 1 hour.    EAT ALONE

Shopping Smarts

The normal, white flour pasta is no more healthier than slices of white bread. It’s devoid of fiber and many nutrients. Pasta however can be made from a variety of grains.

Choose instead brown rice, kamut, amaranth, or spelt. They taste better and are so much better for us.

Hydration, Assimilation, Elimination




50% of your weight in ounces of WATER

must be consumed by you daily….

if you consume any of the items below you must add to your

daily quota, additional amount of water listed.

Every cup of Coffee = add 24 ozs.

Teas w/Caffeine = add 16 ozs.

Soda/Chocolate/Cigarettes = add 16 ozs.


Foods you are allergic to – wait 1 hour between each item

If you have a reaction…take out of your diet

If no reaction…ok for your diet

Proper food combining…

Fruit by itself – Melons alone

NEVER mix starches & proteins

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