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It is important that you understand during your colon hydrotherapy session there may be an experience known as a “healing crisis.” Toxic residues, which have been retained in the body must be released and removed by the tissue system of the body. This might be associated with a temporary uncomfortable feeling. This feeling will pass quickly.​

This is referred to as the “healing crisis” and usually means that the healing process is underway. Colon hydrotherapy rejuvenates the body. It releases toxic residues, cleanses the blood, and empowers the immune system. This process will make you feel alive, lighter, flatter, emptier, more energetic with a renewed life force.​

Please remember that we reserve an entire hour for your treatment.​

We require 24-hours notice for any cancellation. Appointments cancelled or missed with less than 24 hours noticed will be charged the full fee of $80. There are NO REFUNDS. No exceptions.​

By signing below I am accepting responsibility for the full charge of $80 for any missed appointment(s) and I acknowledge there are no refunds.​

I understand that I have chosen to have treatment by Inner Health Center, I thereby understand that no specific therapeutic claim is implied or made by Inner Health Center.

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